Criteria for Acceptance

Criteria for Selection of Manuscripts

  1. Originality: Manuscripts should present original research that adds new knowledge or insights to the field. 
  2. Significance: Manuscripts should have a significant impact on the field, either by providing important new information, validating current literature, challenging existing theories or practices, or proposing innovative solutions to important problems.
  3. Relevance: Manuscripts should be relevant to the journal's scope and audience.
  4. Methodological soundness: Manuscripts should be based on a rigorous and well-designed methodology that is appropriate for the research question or hypothesis. The methodology should be clearly described and justified, and the results should be interpreted appropriately.
  5. Ethical considerations: Manuscripts should adhere to ethical principles and guidelines for research involving human or animal subjects, data acquisition, and data analysis as listed in our Ethics statement and Ethical guidelines.
  6. Format and style: Manuscripts should follow the journal's guidelines for formatting, referencing, and style. This includes appropriate use of tables, figures, and references, as well as adherence to the journal's word count and other formatting requirements as listed in Author guidelines.